Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lots of students use the gym everyday while in undergraduate and graduate schools.  You may think that going to the gym will give you an advantage while you are a student.  The correct answer is that it can, but the reasons it can are specific, let's clear things up:

The most important fitness and health tip to internalize is that body fat is unhealthy.  Having excessive belly fat, for example, can lead to an unhealthy hormonal imbalance, if you don't believe me, ask a medical student. Being overweight is never good, it means you are putting too much stress on your body by making it work harder than it was designed to, which is what it does when it has excessive fat, meaning lbs of body weight that don't contribute to the normal functioning of your body, but still tax your cardiovascular system, your internal organs and your skeletal muscles while you work all day.

The main reason you would hit the gym as a student would be to keep your weight down.  When you get a routine check up from your doctor, ask her what your weight is supposed to be, they have a standard given your height, age and gender. Weigh yourself once a week, and if you start to exceed your doctor-recommended-body-weight, working out will take the weight off quicker, or might be necessary if you have trouble controlling your eating habits.

The only other reason you would need to hit the gym while in college or law school is because you like it for recreation and/or as a way to relieve stress.  If you have been playing sports since high school, and still like sports as your first choice of recreational activity, that's a great reason to hit the gym after class.  It is also a way to be social and make friends with the healthier, drug free crowd at your school, another good reason to like the gym. You can see who else is hot!

The point of this article though, it to assure un-athletic college students, or any otherwise competitive student that working out wont really give you a clear advantage in class, incase you were wondering.  It's really a waste of time as long as you stay at a healthy weight, it's an extra hour you could have spent at your books and yes, it's noted that competitive exercise is good for your brain, but it's not the only thing that's good for your brain. Lots of things are good for your brain.  If you get really into your text books, your heart should elevate above a resting rate when you study.  It's something you can measure, or just observe, especially during a big exam!!! and that is really the important thing to note here, studying is a lot like exercise.  So if you hate working out, as long as you stay lean, brain-efficient and heart healthy it shouldn't be a major concern.  It's fine if you like it, but having low body fat and an intelligent diet is really enough.